Play Planning Poker online for your sprint planning

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What is Planning Poker?

The idea behind Planning Poker is simple. Individual stories are presented for estimation. After a period of discussion, each participant chooses from his own deck the numbered card that represents his estimate of how much work is involved in the story under discussion. All estimates are kept private until each participant has chosen a card. At that time, all estimates are revealed and discussion can begin again.

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What is is a web based version of Planning Poker; instead of a deck of cards, the participants use their phones to connect to a room that the moderator has set up. The room is usually projeted on a monitor for all to see.
When the participants have all selected a number, the moderator can then reveal all the numbers at the same time.

How do you use this?

It's pretty simple:

  1. The moderator clicks on "Create Room"
  2. All the participants visit this page on their phones, and click on "Join Room
  3. Enter the room number that is on the moderator's screen
  4. Tap one of the buttons to choose a number
  5. Once all the numbers have been selected, the moderator can click on "Reveal Numbers"
  6. Once you're ready to go again, click on "Reset"